Monday, September 13, 2010

What We're Drinking This Week

After some time away, we're back this week with a couple new drinks!  Fall is coming quickly, as the temperatures drop, and the leaves change color.  This time of year often leaves one sentimental.  But, you can be sentimental with or without a drink, so why not make it with.

First though, we have a Book of the Week to discuss:

Daniel Silva, The Kill Artist.  This is beach-reading, popcorn thriller stuff, but it's good.  I'm usually not one to read or recommend such novels, but I liked this book.  It won't reveal greater truths, and it won't make you think critically at any point, but, if you need something to fill a couple weeks between other books - this is your ticket.  That's the situation I faced recently, I was between a couple books, and The Kill Artist was a solid choice.  I was waiting on Lords of Finance to arrive, the Pulitzer Prize winning book about bankers before and during the Depression.  Lords of Finance arrived, but, now it is behind Franzen's Freedom in the reading pecking-order. 

Anyway, back to The Kill Artist...

The Kill Artist is the first in a series of novels about an Israeli special agent named Gabriel Allon.  He is an art restorer by day, and secret agent by night.  He'd been out of the agent game for many years, but is pulled back into the fold by his old boss after a strike on an Israeli ambassador.  These novels have proven to be quite the success, as Allon as been featured in numerous novels since The Kill Artist, the first in which he appears.

Now that you've got a new book to read, what should you drink while reading it?

What We're Drinking This Week:

Tuesday: McCrory - rye whiskey based cocktail - should be tasty.

Friday: Honey Bee - white rum drink, with honey of course, and a couple other ingredients.  It's very similar to the Bee's Knees, a drink we've tried on here before, though the rum takes the place of the gin.
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