Monday, August 16, 2010

What We're Drinking This Week

If you watched the end of the PGA Championship, you saw a rather strange and unfortunate finish.  Dustin Johnson was putting for the win, but missed his final putt, putting him in a 3-way playoff for the title. 

Not so fast though!  Dustin grounded his club in a bunker, a bunker trampled over all day by patrons, a bunker that was extremely difficult to detect given the circumstances (surrounded by thousands, many of whom were in the remainder of the bunker). 

Grounding your club (literally, placing the club on the ground in a bunker/sandtrap) is a rule violation.  As a result, Johnson was given a 2-stroke penalty, and was out of the playoff.  Obviously, there is no guarantee of victory in a playoff, but he never had the chance to compete. 

This is one of those situations in which the inherent rule-oriented quality of golf is one part a time-honored tradition, an endearing quality to the game, and another part unduly strict punishment under the circumstances.  Good on him though, for proving his mettle, returning from his collapse at the U.S. Open (a 4th round 82, at Pebble Beach).  And, of course, congratulations to the winner: Martin Kaymer.   Hopefully people remember Kaymer's steady, consistent play on the final day, more so than Johnson's horrible mistake.

Album of the Week - Cut Copy, In Ghost Colours  This album is a couple years old, and after hearing Cut Copy at Lollapalooza, I am unable to turn the album off of my iPod.  A few of these songs capture the very best sound that New Order had, with lyrics that are superb.  My favorite song on the disc, "Out There On The Ice" has a wonderful closing line "If that's what it takes, then don't let it tear us apart, even if it breaks your heart."  The whole album is filled with synth-laden dance tracks that will brighten your day, I assure you.

What We're Drinking This Week

We are drinking two distinctly different cocktails this week:

Tuesday - New Yorker - a whiskey based cocktail that will remind you of an Old Fashioned.

Thursday - Mexican Mule - tequila based cocktail with ginger ale.

Have an amazing Monday friends, see you all tomorrow!
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