Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drinks Links, and Health Update!

What's that?  You're incredibly interested in receiving a health update of yours-truly?  Aww, thanks guys! 

All kidding aside, I've been a touch under the weather of late, and while I'm on the mend (I'm probably a solid 85-90%), I didn't think it prudent to consume alcohol last night, and JB wasn't interested in acting as the stand-in taster.  As a result, we're pushing back the Mexican Mule drink, and perhaps too the Ginger White Peach Smash.  I'm very excited to drink both, but not until I'm in tip-top shape.

In the place of some quality drinks, I'm passing along some quality links:

Kansas City Bartender Competition:  Here's the thing, I'm all for bartending competitions that relate to the drinks themselves, but I'm not so keen on people who can fling a bottle around themselves.  I think such flair is often unnecessary.  Impressive, yes, but the drink is what matters.

NYC Bars - New Openings: The great thing about NYC is not merely the numerous outstanding establishments that already exist, but the steady stream of new bars and restaurants that are added to the mix.  If you're tired of the same places, no need to wait a week, a new place has probably opened since you first conceived of the idea that you even wanted a new place to go. 

London Cocktail Week: Taking place in early October, this is the first year for the event.  How is that possible?  Say what you will about the English, but there's no question that they love to booze!  I've been told on good authority that for each gin drink ordered, you get some black pudding on the side at no additional cost.  Classy.

Create your own cocktail in Boulder: Interesting idea at SALT Bistro in Boulder, CO - build your own cocktail!  I like this idea for a few reasons, not least of which is that the drinker becomes more invested in the drink they're consuming. Good on ya SALT Bistro, and solid post by Ms. Walter.

We may be drinking tomorrow, who knows!  But, I will try to deliver the quality cocktail goods you've come to expect here at The Amateur Mixologist.  Appreciate the support my friends!
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