Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today we are drinking the Canecutter, a cocktail I found at the drinksmixer.com website, a clearinghouse for drink recipes.  It's a good resource for finding random drinks or shots, and you can search by the alcohol or drink name.  Much of it is reader-submitted, so use a discerning eye, lest you find yourself mixing 1 part Everclear and 1 part tonic (maybe that's your drink of choice, I don't know).

Recipe available here: http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink2673.html

1 oz dark rum
1 oz Kahlua
Ice first, then add rum, Kahlua and fill with Coca Cola. 

I wasn't entirely convinced of this drink until I tasted it.  It is really good!  Each component can be tasted, and together, it is one hell of a cocktail.  When you think about it, these flavors pair well together - coffee, dark rum, and coke make sense.  They are each rich in their own way, and over ice, the drink isn't excessively sweet. 

I think I used about 1.5-2oz of Coke, adding it to the top of the drink.  It ends up being the right amount to add.  Any more, and you're diluting the flavor in the alcohol.  Dark rum and Kahlua are fairly easy drinking, as alcohols go, making this a smooth cocktail all around.

I'd drink this before a night out and about.  It's a good pre-bar cocktail, because it isn't too sweet, it isn't too heavy, and when served over ice, it's fairly refreshing.  I could definitely see myself having more than one.

On Thursday we're drinking the Celeb_U_Bot, a vodka based cocktail you won't want to miss!  And, if time permits, we'll do a special scotch entry, continuing our ongoing series on the alcohol on Friday.

Have a great Tuesday!


Mike said...

Good drink! Tried and liked it.

Tara on August 5, 2010 at 9:51 AM said...

This drink was quite tasty and I cannot wait to use it as my new pre-drink. Goes down so smooth, it's almost dangerous!

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