Monday, July 19, 2010

What We're Drinking This Week

Greetings sports fans!  Welcome back to the show, we're excited to be drinking a couple excellent cocktails this week.  First though...

Soundtrack of the Week!  I haven't been listening to any new new albums of late.  I've been taking in some discs that I gave short shrift at one time or another.  One of those albums is the newer Broken West disc "Now or Heaven."  It's an excellent rock album, with a bunch of catchy upbeat tunes that are sure to liven up any BBQ or cornhole tournament.

Book of the Week!  Frank Browning, "Apples."

I know what you're thinking, "this asshole just recommended a book solely about apples, he's got to be joking."  I am not joking.  It is an excellent book about the changes in the apple industry, and the apple itself, over the course of (mainly) modern human history.  Thankfully, the Red Delicious is starting to share space with other better, more interesting apples on our supermarket shelves.  My favorites are Honeycrisp (when available), and Jonagold. 

Now that you've learned that I'm incredibly dorky, reading and recommending books about apples, let's drink so that you can forget I ever mentioned anything!

What We're Drinking This Week

Tuesday - Cucumber Margarita - It's the middle of the summer, and this should be a refreshing alternative to this classic cocktail.

Friday - St. Germain Cocktail - Another perfect one for hot weather.  If you don't have a bottle of St. Germain, go buy one, and check back on Friday - you'll thank me later.

See you tomorrow!


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