Monday, June 21, 2010

What We're Drinking This Week

Quick Thank You

Before we dive into the week, I want to quickly give a thank you to the guys at West Coast Taco trucks in Broad Ripple.  It was late, around 2:45 or 3am on Saturday morning, when I was grabbing one of their 3/$5 deals.  I was happily enjoying my tacos when the skies opened up.  At first, it seemed like a harmless little downpour.  I stood under the taco truck awning without too much trouble.

Then, the harmless downpour turned into a monsoon.  It was ridiculous.  I made an executive decision to walk into the taco truck, unannounced, and hang out.  Thankfully, the guys in the truck were totally cool with me doing so (at least, they pretended to be cool with it).  Me, a completely random stranger to them, invading their taco truck.  They were extremely gracious, and kind for letting me in at the time.  Seems like it was 45 minutes later before I could walk home through flooded streets.  It was fun though, all in all. 

Here is some more information on their stellar operation:

West Coast Tacos, Facebook Page

West Coast Tacos, Twitter

Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports

In unrelated news, sometimes there is just too much great sporting action on television.  Now is one such time. 

I almost wish all other sporting events would pause for the weeks of the World Cup, so that I can take in all soccer matches, and not have to worry about missing anything else.  It doesn't work that way though, unfortunately. 

This past weekend, there were numerous entertaining World Cup matches, as well as the US Open.  I love championship golf, and with a backdrop like Pebble Beach, it's can't-miss in my book.  Many find golf boring to watch on TV; I am not one of those people.

So Graeme McDowell was the big winner this weekend, capturing the first US Open for an European in 40 years.  He played well, he played consistently.  Dustin Johnson however, the man who was leading going into the final round, played unreasonably badly.  He cracked up.  Poor guy.  I felt for him up until the 4th hole when he pulled out driver (if I remember correctly, b/c i think it was the 4th) and threw caution to the wind.  There is risk taking and then there is stupidity.  Johnson was acting with the latter.

And, Wimbledon starts today.

Soundtrack of the Week:

Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More

Think rock folk on this one.  I'm not a fan of folk music generally, and at times this disc sounds like classic folk, and bluegrass too, another genre I'm not too keen on - however - this is a great great album.  Genres be damned!  Sigh No More is perfect for a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. 

It'll make you wistful, and longing for summer days past.  It's a hell of a disc.  And, there are funny moments, like when Marcus Mumford's British accents floats above a banjo.  For some reason, I'm greatly amused by this.  Banjo + British accent = hilarity.

What We're Drinking This Week

Liberty Cocktail - The Calvados has been found!!  Yay!  Somehow, I missed it.  It was tucked behind a large bottle of tequila.  I should have been able to see it, but I didn't.

Bourbon Sidecar - The New York Times posted a great little recipe this past week that we're going to check out.  It's a take on the classic Sidecar, one of my favorite cocktails - only in the place of cognac/brandy, we'll be using whiskey.

Should be a strong, to quite strong week, here at The Amateur Mixologist.  We'll be making the Liberty Cocktail for a post tomorrow, and we'll make the Bourbon Sidecar for a post on Thursday or Friday.

Until then, cheers!
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