Monday, June 7, 2010

What We're Drinking This Week

Unfortunately, Blogger was down for this entire day, until just now, late in the afternoon.  As such, I couldn't let you know of this week's plans.  This week should be a fun one, but before getting into our drinking schedule, I'll tell you briefly about the weekend.

I was at a wedding in Detroit for my good friends Jeremy and Samantha.  The wedding was outstanding, and everyone had a fantastic time.  The whole weekend was held at the Westin Book Cadillac hotel, in downtown Detroit.  It is a beautiful hotel, with a couple stellar rooms that they left intact during its renovation (it was where the ceremony and reception were held, respectively).  And, the bride and groom spared no expense in making it a memorable weekend - the food was great, the drinks were great, and the pace of everything was great.  A great weekend, all around.

In honor of their occasion, we'll be checking out their signature cocktail, the Perfect Pear Martini, some time down the road.  The hotel's version of the drink this Saturday was a tad different than the version Jeremy and Sam first tasted, so we're going to nail down a recipe before presenting it to you.

Soundtrack Of The Week:  Crystal Castles "Crystal Castles."  This is by no means a new album, it came out in March of 2008, but there are a couple songs on here that are well worth your attention.  Some of the electronica on the disc is admittedly hard for me to enjoy, but there are some incredible songs that are worth your time and $.  In particular, download these songs, and you'll be listening to them over and over: "Untrust Us", "Magic Spells", and "Vanished."  Great beats - a stellar combination of sound.

What We're Drinking This Week:

- Jack Rose revisit.  My first experience with the cocktail wasn't great.  In fact, it was arguably the worst drink I've had on the blog to date.  But, I was convinced by our reader friend Mark to give it another chance.  So that's what we're doing.  I'm hopeful that ol' Jack Rose and I are best buddies after this round.

- Scotch.  We're going to talk about my favorite alcohol, and probably find at least one cocktail that features this amazing nectar of the gods.

This is yet another abbreviated week, but, we're going to make it a good one!  Until we drink again, salud!


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