Friday, May 21, 2010

Taking Stock

It's been a whirlwind of a week at the office of late.  New things seem to be going on at a really fast clip, all of which require immediate attention and immediate turn-around.  Such is life. 

As a result though, I had no time to drink.  I know, I know, wipe away the tears!  Sometimes work and life gets in the way of drinking.

I figured though, that in the place of a drink today, we'd take stock of where The Amateur Mixologist is at, 3 months into the venture.

We've made a little over 40 cocktails, purchased countless bottles of liquor and liqueurs, and made plenty of friends along the way.  There's still more to come too - with video, yes, that's right, video - on the horizon.  Sidebar: The videos will feature me talking with a friend or two about cocktails, and then we'll whip one together - simple, easy, and educational (that's what we're here for, the education).

So let's recap the last few months...all information is based upon pageviews and visits:

Most popular cocktailViolet Champagne d'Amour

Who knew that it would so swiftly rise to the top?!  It was one of the first drinks featured on the website, so it's had more time for viewing than say the Michelada (which, in fact, is the 2nd most popular drink, believe it or not).

Least popular cocktail (it's a tie): Dia Del Amour and the Fireman's Sour

This is a travesty of epic proportions!  Both cocktails are outstanding.  The Fireman's Sour is one of my favorite drinks that we've made thus far.  And the Dia Del Amour is simply a brilliant concoction. 

Our visitors:  Most of the site's visitors are Americans of course, but we have a huge following in Chile of all places.  Why?  No idea!  But welcome one and all!  I love Chile, and plan to visit one day.  We'll have to showcase a Chilean cocktail in the near future.

Those visitors stateside are typically from Indiana, New York, California or Illinois.  A nice mix of the midwest and the coasts. 

As mentioned first above, we have some cool features we plan to add to the site in the next few months.  We've changed the tags a bit, to feature drink that we've made, but we'll also be adding a tag cloud related to the liquors - so that if you're a vodka fan, you can click on the link and find everything with vodka in it.

Thank you as always for the readership and feedback - the last few months has been a ton of fun.  I'm looking forward to what's ahead.  If you want to get a hold of me, the e-mail is amateurmixologist(at), and our Twitter account is @IMakeDrinks. 

And, just for the hell of it, here is a picture of our intrepid mascot, Barca:

Until next week!


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