Monday, April 12, 2010

Week of April 11, 2010

Quite a fun Masters tournament, eh?

It's interesting that Phil wins a tournament so heavily affected by Tiger's sideshow.  Phil and Tiger have famously not gotten along over the years, and it's fitting that Phil, as a result of his strong play and ultimate win, is as much a part of this year's Masters story as Tiger.  Had some young upstart or unknown won, this year's tournament would have gone down as merely Tiger's return.  With Phil winning, it is a tournament shadowed (though not overshadowed) by Tiger's past 6 months, and people will remember the outstanding golf play over everything else.

And, I for one am happy with this result.  As a golf fan, I never really cared about Tiger's shenanigans.  You mean to tell me rich and famous people lead often-debauched lives?!?!  Well I never!!

With The Masters over, with Tiger's return over, we can move on.  I hope we can move on anyway.  I don't care for any further details of Tiger's life.  I'm tired of the "mistress" stories.  [Sidebar: I'm particularly tired of them because of the incredible misuse of the word "mistress."  Get it right people!  Sleeping with someone a few times does not a mistress make!  If Tiger had 20 actual mistresses, he'd have no time for golf.  None.]

Enough golf talk for the moment, let's talk about something far more important...cocktails and drinking!  Let's have a look at what we're drinking this week. 

We have a couple classics, and a drink that I'm wholly unfamiliar with, the Fireman's Sour. 

1. Mojito

The Cuban classic!  We're doing something a bit different with the Mojito, and comparing recipes.  We're going to pit the American Bar recipe against The Ultimate Bar Book recipe, and see which one tastes better.  This is the first time we've had dueling recipes - should be great!

2. Fireman's Sour

Another rum based cocktail - with a mix of grenadine, lime juice and some other stuff which should make this a good bet.

3. Tom Collins

The most famous of the Collins drinks!  Gin based, and old - back to the 19th century.  I'm looking forward to it, as the only Tom Collins I've had in the past was mix-based, and I don't doubt that a freshly made product will yield far better results.

I'm going post some drink links later today, so be sure to check back for some updated news and information in the cocktail universe.  And of course, tomorrow, the Mojito! 

For more content, updates, random musings, and my attempts to be witty, check us out @IMakeDrinks on Twitter.


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