Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drink Links

We have a ton of excellent drink links, covering topics ranging from a 400lb pig roast to the best airlines for in-flight beer.  What can I say, we serve a broad audience.

Bartending takes off in Singapore.  "Once seen as an unglamorous low paying job in Singapore, it has evolved to a point where bartenders now have a semi-celebrity status that is equal to that of well-known chefs."

Angustora Bitters Shortage Update.  "Well, it seems the shortage is over."  Go ahead, make a Sazerac, in honor of the averted crisis! 

Fruity cocktail article from an Indian newspaper.  Note the double entendre of "Indian summer" when an American audience reads the quote:  "It's a long and hard Indian summer, and the cocktails are meant to soothe and refresh."

New York City Bars, new ones anyway, worth checking out.

The end of the bar car?  Say it ain't so!

Sign of the apocalypse...Burger King may being featuring mimosas.  Oy vey, I don't know what to make of this.  The classic Pulp Fiction scene whereby the guys are talking about ordering beer at an overseas fast food restaurant is WHOLLY DIFFERENT than champagne mimosas at a nearby Burger King.  God help us all. 

Washingtonians: Pig roast at Poste, tonight, 9pm.  They're opening the patio and cooking a 400lb hog.  Wait, one second, did they say a 400lb hog?!  Run, don't walk.  Warren, I'm looking at you.
And finally:

The best airlines for in-flight beer!!  See!  You knew that subscribing to our RSS feed was going to pay dividends!  Next step, excuse to fly on Alaska Airlines...

Tomorrow, we're making the Pall Mall - see you then!

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