Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week of March 28, 2010

Hello my friends!  Yes, I've been out of late - just returning back from Amsterdam.  Unfortunately, between all the things to see and do over there, I did not have an opportunity for a remote Amateur Mixologist drink post.  It would have been ideal though, perhaps an absinthe or jenever based cocktail.  Next time.

I got back home around 6:30pm yesterday evening, and I'm still pulling the cobwebs out of my head from the travel.  No matter, we're going to be drinking this week, this I know for sure!  However it remains to be seen what exactly we'll be drinking.

We will more certainly be drinking the Presidente, a remnant from last week which due to the travel, we never got around to drinking.  But what else?

I leave that to you - and our trusty suggestion box (read: e-mail, amateurmixologist (at) gmail.com).  Send your suggestions. Let me know of something interesting that you and your friends love drinking.  I'll pick a couple and run with them.

Amsterdam is beautiful, but it's always nice to return home.
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