Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week of March 21, 2010

What a weekend...

Barca, the Official Mascot of The Amateur Mixologist, was, ahem, fixed on Friday.  As a result, she's been laid up a bit, walking around like a zombie because of the medication she's having to take.  All things considered though, I'm happy to report that she's doing great.  Late in the evening, as the medication fades from her system, Barca's personality comes back in full force, looking to play with any animate (or inanimate) object nearby.

Last night, JB (her chosen pseudonym for the website) and I attended a fundraiser for Cancer Support Community.  JB's company had sponsored a table. 

It was a fun evening - highlighted by the stand-up performance of Joan Rivers, the now mid-70s comedienne.  She was, as her website attests performing "uncensored, uninhibited standup comedy".  It was very funny.  After the event, I drank scotch with my buddies.

Tonight, we're attending a dinner to raise money for Gabe Jordan - the Indianapolis wine and restaurant industry fixture.  I imagine we're going to be eating well tonight.

So this weekend has, and continues to be, a good one.  I'm hoping the week is similarly as good.

Here's what we're drinking!

First, there are a couple of drinks carried over from last week, the sazerac and the BUMBO!  Due to some travel later in the week, we're adding only one other drink...and it is....

The Presidente!!  Never heard of it.  It's a white rum based drink, with both dry and sweet vermouth and a little grenadine.  Should be excellent!
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